What is Disputifier's Annual Plan?

Written by Mark From Disputifier
Updated 2 months ago

Disputifier offers two plans for chargeback fighting. 

The Basic Plan is 20% of any won back chargebacks, charged after the chargeback decision is received. 

The Annual Plan is 12% of any won back chargebacks, charged in advance in the form of an "annual" credit.

How it works

After installing, we estimate your stores annual chargeback volume based on available data sources. Then, we allow you to buy a credit for recovering this amount in chargebacks. This credit comes with a hefty 40% discount but is paid upfront after the free trial. 

For example, if you have an estimated $2000 in chargebacks per year, you could buy a credit for $240 (12%). This credit would ensure you don't pay again for automated chargeback fighting until we recover $2000. 

What plan is right for me?

Typically our medium/large merchants opt for the Annual Plan, whereas smaller merchants typically opt for the Basic Plan. The Annual Plan savings become significant when you're getting thousands of dollars per month in chargebacks.

What if I change my mind?

You can switch from the Basic Plan to Annual Plan at any time.

If you choose the Annual Plan and later change your mind, you have 90 days to receive a refund & downgrade to the Basic Plan. 

How do you calculate the Annual Plan?

The Annual Plan is based on a variety of factors including chargeback volume, dispute rate, CRM/processors, and sales/dispute velocity. 

Can I combine stores on my annual plan?

We allow annual plans at over $5K/year in chargeback volume to be combined. If you have multiple stores or plan to, you can contact us to share an annual plan between your stores.

Does the credit expire?

The chargeback recovery credit never expires. Your plan will automatically renew after the credit has been used up.

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